Individual Services

Retirement Planning:

•Test your anticipated retirement spending against anticipated retirement income.

•Health care and long term care analysis.

•Collect and organize important documents.

•Determine your goals and timetables.

•Assist you to develop and implement an action plan.

Insurance and Annuity Review:

•Analyze and organize present health, life, disability income, liability, annuity and long-term care policies.

•Determine your present and future insurance needs.

•Coordinate personal coverage with your employee benefits and government programs.

Asset Building:

•Cut through the clutter of overwhelming information about financial matters.

•Discuss and distill just what is important to you.

•Create saving and investment plans based upon your wishes, your goals and your needs.

•Help you implement your plans and select appropriate investment vehicles.

Continuing Client Services:

•Reach out to you often and visit to review your plans and to see that they still meet your goals.